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Search for the best luxury properties in the Coachella Valley. Properties listed here are $2.5 million or more.


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Whether you've been living in the luxury home market for years or you're looking to move up with your next home purchase, it's worth knowing what home features are currently making an impact. Here are four trends that buyers are looking for in 2017.

smart home

Smart Home Systems
In today's market, homebuyers spending top dollar expect all the bells and whistles, including the latest in smart home automation. This can include everything from voice activation to LED wall pads offering convenient control of lighting and thermostat settings to infrared cameras keeping an eye on every angle of the property.

Blended Living Spaces
Buyers are less interested in beautiful, unoccupied yards and well-furnished but untouched interiors. Instead, functionality reigns, particularly when it comes to indoor-outdoor living spaces. Features like collapsible window walls, outdoor kitchens and cabanas can add value to a home by extending the useable square footage.

Gyms, Pools and Sports Courts
Physical health and wellness rank high on the list of priorities for many in the luxury market, making amenities like private basketball courts, Pilates studios, fully equipped gyms and soundproof meditation rooms more and more common. Outside, buyers often expect a pool, whether it's resort style with an infinity edge or Olympic sized and meant for laps.

Personalized Services
Buyers of high-end condominiums, particularly in top metro areas, are also looking for thoughtful design and modern technology, as well as options that simplify their on-the-go lifestyle. More personalized features, like personal drivers and limitless concierge services, rank high on their trend list.

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