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Search for the best luxury properties in the Coachella Valley. Properties listed here are $2.5 million or more.


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As jobs and culture progress in cities across the world, so do their housing markets. Each of these locations has an alluring combination of healthy job growth and high-end tastes, making them especially desirable to upscale buyers.

five cities with growing luxury markets

Booming Markets for Luxury Real Estate

Toronto, Ontario - Named one of the best cities to live in by PricewaterhouseCoopers in the 2016 Cities of Opportunity report, Toronto boasts a thriving economy, cultural diversity and accessible health care and education -- all huge draws for luxury clientele.

Victoria, British Columbia - This thriving technology hub has attracted many new investors and high-end buyers to Canada's westernmost province. The area boasts a temperate climate, balanced age demographics and a progressive public school system.

San Francisco, California - San Francisco's technology boom continues to appeal to high-end residents. Modern cuisine, a well-curated fine arts scene and the city's historical significance make San Francisco a cultural epicenter for creative thinkers in major industries.

Austin, Texas - From budding startups to tech powerhouses like Facebook, Apple, Google and Dell (all of which maintain offices in the Texas capital), a range of career opportunities abound for longtime residents and recent transplants alike. A thriving real estate market complements Austin's low unemployment and its extensive number of outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Market to Watch

Charleston, South Carolina - With its combination of complex history and sophisticated culture, it's no surprise that this luxury market is climbing the lists of cities to watch. Between its soaring job growth and unique architecture and landscapes, Charleston is a city that many luxury homebuyers are starting to consider when exploring their next move.


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