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Search for the best luxury properties in the Coachella Valley. Properties listed here are $2.5 million or more.


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Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to YOU! Since 1978 I have been providing my professional Real Estate services to many wonderful clients, a number of whom have become valued friends. I consider my clients like family and accordingly, attempt to assist them in every way possible. I want their experience to be memorable so they will refer me to their friends, as well as use my services again in the future. In order to establish a good working rapport, it is important I explain the following Real Estate Realities so I can provide the best possible service to YOU!

For many years, I have been among the top Income producing agents in the country and am designated as a Certified Residential Specialist a degree that only approximately the top 2% of Realtors in the nation achieved. This is a result of hard, dedicated work, years of acquired knowledge and experienced negotiating skills. I often work seven days a week, in order to be there for my clients. Do you know that approximately 80% of the Real Estate licensee's careers last only three years in the business. EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT! Your home is a significant asset and the Realtor you use can significantly impact the outcome of your transaction. Here are a few important things to consider.

The best properties in Palm SpringsINVENTORY: Almost all the homes on the market are available to us thru the Multiple Listing Service. Rarely is a home offered as a pocket listing (not on MLS) and in those cases the active agents in the community are aware of its availability.

bennion deville palm springs homes

NEWSTAND HOMES MAGAZINES offer homes submitted to the publisher long before the magazine is published. These homes are often already in escrow or sold and tend not to be a good source of current property inventory.

B) NEWSPAPER ADS for property are published for the most part in large individual company ads. You must read thru pages of ads to figure out which community the offering is located in and then make repeated inquiry calls for price, address, leased land vs. owned land, pool, garage, square footage, etc.

C) DRIVE THRU neighborhoods looking for For Sale Signs. Unfortunately, you won't know if the home is in your price range. It may be sold and the agent has not yet placed the SOLD sign up, or the seller may have requested no yard sign and oops, you drove right past it.

D) WE WORK TOGETHER by establishing a specific price range; making a list of desired features, discuss the changes going on or differences in neighborhoods and other important criteria. We then go out look at all of the now available offerings and if we don't find the right one, I will use my time, and energies researching, and previewing property daily until I find your piece of Paradise.

Luxury estates in Palm Springs

OPEN HOUSES can be a good way to see many homes in a short time. They are often held by newly licensed agents. Every now and again a client will call and say they came across a open house they liked and guess what! It was the complete opposite of what they described and the one that we were searching for! Remember, the agent at that open house typically REPRESENTS THE SELLER, NOT YOU. If we are working together you should notify an open house agent, upon arrival, that you are working with me and hand them one my cards, this protects you in purchase negotiations and the inspection / escrow process.

CONFERENCES with you will take place in my private office behind closed doors (if desired) to insure your privacy and full attention.

COMMUNICATIONS are crucial. Have you ever spent time trying to get through to someone and been given a list of options like press 1 for this and 2 for that. Do you have time to track them down and then play phone tag? My phone system is ONE direct dial phone number that rings directly to my office. If I am out, it immediately forwards to my cellular phone, tracking me down wherever I am. Rarely, am I not immediately available, in which case you will get my personal message center where I will receive your message in detail and be able to promptly respond. Timing is everything and that golden opportunity could be lost if your agent is not available.

PROFESSIONALISM is an important factor in dealing with others it creates a level of trust and respect. This is especially important when I deal with other agents who will readily encourage their clients to work with me over another agents offer because they know that things will be done properly and smoothly. I have served for several years as Chairman of the Ethics committee as well as on the Professional Standards committee for the board of Realtors. Frequently, my clients offers have benefited from the professional relationships I maintain with other top agents.

Find your home in the Palm Springs areaKNOWLEDGE is power! A full time agent who specializes in a market area and is familiar with the inventory, present and past, can make a strong argument supporting your offer during negotiations. When someone says the house down the street sold for "X", I can often provide details and insight about the features that were superior or lacking from a comparable standpoint. This knowledge can be very powerful and provide credibility to support your position in an acquisition.

NEGOTIATIONS are perhaps the most significant aspect of an agent's ability to represent you. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS are at risk in the purchase price, associated costs, and in your liabilities facts which are often overlooked by inexperienced agents who don't know how to preserve and protect your cash.

TECHNOLOGY is increasingly becoming a larger and larger part of our lives. Years ago a client would be in town looking for property over several trips and months. No sooner did they return home than a perfect property match would come on the market. By the time they could schedule a return trip, it would be snatched up by someone else. Today, unlike most other agents, I use state of the art digital photography when I am out previewing new homes in the morning, I will take photos and e-mail those pictures to my clients within hours of coming on the market often before other agents or their clients even know about the home. Clients have purchased homes through me instantly this way by FAX subject, of course, to their personal inspection, and we blew the competition out of the water.

FOR ME - TIME is the most valuable commodity I have. Working in a resort community we see many vacationers who want to "look" at property. Many are serious and have become great clients. Likewise the majority of others can deprive me and ultimately, more importantly clients like you from my ability to work effectively on your behalf. Often a "looker" can consume a minimum of 4-6 hours in consultation, time spent market previewing and then days of driving around and follow-up property showings. Since I can only have one "client" in my car at any given moment, it is important that I not spend hours working with someone who is not a serious, committed homebuyer. Many of my hours are spent "behind the scenes" previewing homes, doing computer searches for property, researching tax and prior offering records, as well as seeking information on property not yet available.


MY SERVICE COSTS to you, unlike your Lawyer, Doctor or other professional service provider provided at NO COST TO YOU! (Upon the close of escrow with me.) I don't get paid until we find you an acceptable property and close your escrow. The seller's broker compensates me through their COOP MLS agreement.

I would be most honored to put my years of experience to work for YOU! Remember, when you close escrow on your purchase with me there is no charge to you for my services. However, A consultation fee may apply for my time and expenses if a non-purchase situation exists. Since I can efficiently provide a quality level of service to only a few clients a any given time, I would ask that you authorize me to represent you in the Agent/Client commitment agreement prior to our getting started. Let's, together, find YOUR Piece of Paradise!

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to be of service to YOU.



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